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Cover Reveal

I am on the home stretch in preparing Einarr and the Oracle of Attilsund to go live wherever ebooks are sold! This cover was done by the wonderful William Eyster, Jr of Eyster Artistry Studios.

Oracle cover Wil Eyster

I think he did a great job, and we’re planning on working together on not just covers but other series art going forward.

My goal is to have Oracle live as an e-book by February 20. Around that same time I should be able to move Jotunhall from Smashwords, which hasn’t been updated in almost a decade, to Draft2Digital, so if the appearance of the non-Kindle versions was turning you off, it might be worth another look.

Oh, and keep your eyes open: rumors of a wild sale in the area are afoot.

Release Day

In case you haven’t already seen, Book 1 of The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen is now available for purchase more or less wherever you want to buy. In addition to the story chapters, which are still available here and at Royal Road Legends, any of you wonderful people who decide you’d like to support the story this way get access to some bonus content available nowhere else – a glossary, of course, and some maps, but also a telling of the actual Legend of the Isinntog.

Many thanks to Paraenesis, who did an awesome job on the front cover for me, and to my friend Jill for proofreading. I’ve tried to make sure the chapters up here are relatively clean, but it’s always good to have a second set of eyes.

Also, if you haven’t already picked up a copy, for the next week Advent of Ruin is on a Kindle Countdown Deal. For another day and a half yet, you can get the ebook for just 99 cents.

Einarr Stigandersen and the Jotünhall

Paranaesis_Jotunhall_Wolf_mockupOnce upon a time, Stigander Raenson had been heir to a thanedom. Then a curse drove him and his family and crew out of their home. Dispossessed, the crew of the Vidofnir wanders the cold seas in search of treasure, glory, and a way to end the curse.

Einarr, son of Stigander, lives a vagabond’s life on the Vidofnir, never giving much thought to the home he barely remembers. That is, until an unexpected squall and the attack of a demon-headed ship send them to winter at the Hall of his father’s childhood friend.

Now Einarr has just a single season to convince the Jarl that he would be a worthy match for the Lady Runa, the Jarl’s only child. Will he return in one piece, or will the Jarl’s impossible quest be Einarr’s undoing?

Thanksgiving Weekend Promotion

Happy Thanksgiving, to all my US readers, and Happy Holidays to everyone else! Advent of Ruin will be on Kindle Countdown promotion from Black Friday all the way through until the end of the month. Now’s a great time to pick it up, whether for yourself or for the ebook fan on your list.

If you’ve been on the fence about this one, I’ve included an excerpt from the first chapter below.

One night past the third oasis, about a week and a half out of Udhampna, Shahin was beginning to think he might just make it, although he was lucky to have avoided bandits so long. Not far off the side of the road he spotted a place to camp; a hollow that should be shaded from wind and sun alike through the worst of the day’s heat. Govad danced a bit and balked as Shahin guided them toward the hollow. Teqrab, following now and carrying most of Shahin’s gear, whistled and planted his feet at the base of a dune.

“Is there something there, then?” All he saw was sand. “All right. The next one.” Gray dawn was breaking, but he hadn’t lasted this long without learning to pay attention when his camels acted out.

A swishing sound came from the dune peak, the sound sand makes when it slides over itself. Govad bellowed as both camels broke into a gallop – away from the road. Shahin had to grab the pommel of his saddle to keep from falling off.

Something heavy thudded into the sand, and Shahin felt as much as heard the lead line snap. Teqrab bellowed. He spun around and grabbed at the end even as Govad sped up. The camel had his head, and Shahin almost lost his grip on the reins when he caught a glimpse of what was behind him.

What in the name of all the absent gods are those?

Three long, black shapes easily the size of the camel, with curving tails and stingers that made pikes look like twigs, fought amongst themselves over Teqrab’s still-struggling body. One of them abandoned the fight, skittering across the sand after the prey that still ran. Now came dry-mouthed, sweaty terror, and he urged Govad still faster.

The creature was faster than Govad. Shahin wished, momentarily, that he had Kriila instead – but this was not the time for regrets. He looked forward again, urging yet more speed out of his beleaguered mount, scanning the sand ahead for anything resembling salvation.

The thing screamed, sending a fresh pulse of fear radiating out from Shahin’s chest.

A black scar marred the ground ahead. Better than nothing. He yanked on the reins, harder than he liked to, to remind Govad who was in control here. The camel obeyed, turning to the north and the uncertain safety of a hole in the ground.

Whumph. The thing tried to strike at them as they turned, and it was thanks to the turn that it missed. This was already faster than Govad had run before, but Shahin still asked for more. The camel’s flanks were damp with exertion. Just a little farther…

Thump-bump, thump-bump – the hollow sound of a thin crust over a pocket – and then Govad leapt out over a chasm, striving for the other side. We’re not going to make it.

Govad bellowed, as did Shahin. The saddle fell from beneath him and he instinctively let go of the reins as they plunged into darkness.

Advent of Ruin on Kindle Countdown

GenCon is gearing up today, with an official start tomorrow.  Even if you can’t join me at the Con, though, this is a great weekend to pick up Advent if you haven’t already! It’s on a Countdown deal through the end of the day Sunday. For the next day and a half you can snag a copy for just 99¢. It won’t go back up to normal price until the wee hours of Monday morning.

It’s Aliiiiiiiive!

UPDATE 3/31/2016: The two editions (paperback/kindle) have finally been merged! The link has been updated on the Tangled Threads Publishing page, as well.

And now, without further ado, I am pleased to announce that Advent of Ruin is now live on Amazon and available for purchase (or borrowing through Kindle Unlimited, if that’s what floats your boat). For the moment there are two links. Once I get those consolidated I’ll update the links on the Tangled Threads Publishing page.

If you want the paperback, it’s here.

If you prefer the eBook, that’s good too.

Both editions one one page!

If you read it, I’d love it if you took the time to leave a review.

Einarr on Top Web Fiction

Just a quick heads up to let everyone know, you can now vote for my web serial on! If you’ve been following the adventure of Einarr and the crew of the Vidofnir, I’d appreciate it if you popped over there and clicked to show your support. (You don’t have to register to vote, although you would if you wanted to leave a full review at