The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen

The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen updates Tuesdays and Thursdays by noon Eastern time.

1.24 – Giant’s Palace - In the next heartbeat Sinmora was in Einarr’s hand. He pressed himself against the central pillar as he raised the sword to parry the dwarf’s blade. That was a long drop off the other side - one he definitely did not intend to take himself. Axe struck long sword and the dwarf jumped backward, eyeing the drop himself. “You could have just opened the door and been on about your business, you know.”… Read More 1.24 – Giant’s Palace
1.23 – Dwarven Tunnels - The dwarf stood from his seat at the table and brushed his hands off on his trousers as Einarr pocketed the king Runa had sent with him. He did not miss that his guide hooked an axe onto his belt before setting off, nor that the dwarf evidently felt no need of a cloak where they were going.… Read More 1.23 – Dwarven Tunnels
1.22 – The Cave - With the morning light came the sound of metal striking metal from deep within the cave, rousing Einarr from his uneasy rest. The glow of fire lit the walls, even though Einarr’s had long since burnt itself to ash.… Read More 1.22 – The Cave
1.21 – The Search - Erik’s weight on Einarr’s narrow shoulders slowed him considerably as he made for the inlet where the Gufuskalam waited with Tyr and their supplies. The man had tried to protest, but every time anything so much as brushed his injured leg he paled.… Read More 1.21 – The Search
1.20 – Fimbulvulf - The sun in the eye of the storm may have been warm enough by comparison, but the island itself had not yet escaped winter’s chill. More than once as they scaled the rock face Einarr and Erik both nearly lost their footing thanks to the thin layer of hoarfrost that covered the stone.… Read More 1.20 – Fimbulvulf
1.19 – Svartlauf Island - The Gufuskalam launched out of the storm and into the calm waters beyond it. Rain and sleet still pelted Einarr’s back, but he hardly noticed it now. Black, water-slicked cliffs shot from the ocean’s surface up fifty feet or more. Above, the black-leaved forest where the fimbulvulf was said to dwell loomed over them, rapidly… Read More 1.19 – Svartlauf Island
1.18 – Eternal Storm - Mid-morning the day after Einarr and Tyr reunited with Erik, no kalalintu had yet shown themselves on the island. This, they agreed, probably related to the albatross heads Erik had staked around his camp, which in the darkness neither Einarr nor Tyr had noticed.… Read More 1.18 – Eternal Storm
1.17 – A Daring Rescue - The Gufuskalam glided backwards along a path pointed by the anchor line, but the two men aboard paid it little heed. Of much more pressing concern were the kalalintu that swooped at them from above, attacking them directly, or rocked their sides from beneath the waves. As for the men themselves, they fought off their attackers with all the strength they could muster. Not infrequently, the flying kalalintu were knocked, dazed and bleeding or already dead, into the water.… Read More 1.17 – A Daring Rescue
1.16 – Kalalintu Island - Einarr tore the wax from his right ear with a curse. “We can’t leave him there.” “You want to take on an entire island full of those things?” Tyr yelled, his ears still stopped. Einarr rolled his eyes and gestured to his ear. Yes, it was a risk, but they had to plan this carefully… Read More 1.16 – Kalalintu Island
1.15 – Assault on the Open Seas - For more than a week, the only real trouble that fell on the three men was the occasional spring rainstorm. Three days into the second week, the day dawned clear and still, and so Einarr and Erik drew out the oars and left the tiller to Tyr for the morning.… Read More 1.15 – Assault on the Open Seas
1.14 – Setting Sail - The morning after Einarr’s defeat of Trabbi, the Vidofnir set forth in search of the Grendel missing three of its crew - Einarr, of course, plus two of their hardiest warriors: Erik and Tyr. It was all Stigander could spare. The morning after that Einarr led his companions down to Runa’s cove and the waiting skiff, newly dubbed the Gufuskalam. Runa and the Jarl came to see them off, she looking worried and he relieved to see them go.… Read More 1.14 – Setting Sail
1.13 – Glíma - Einarr stood in the dirt ring cleared for glíma, studying his opponent. For a hundred feet around it the field was filled with people watching and cheering and drumming. Jarl Hroaldr and all those at Kjell Hall gathered around.… Read More 1.13 – Glíma
1.12 – Negotiations - “Erik.” The burly man nodded, rain streaming from the end of his beard. “You’re not going to make me fight you, too, are you?” “Cap’n’s mighty unhappy, Einarr, but he don’t want you dead an’ he don’t want either of us injured. Sent me to give you an offer.” “And?” “You come back aboard the… Read More 1.12 – Negotiations
1.11 – Capture - On the fourth day a storm blew up. The sky turned dark, and Einarr furled the sail and took up oars. He wasn’t sure how much he could do, but he had to at least try to keep them on course.… Read More 1.11 – Capture
1.10 – Runaway Bride - Spring thaw was not far off, and Stigander was impatient to be off hunting the Grendel. If they were going to act, it would need to be quickly, before the Vidofnir sailed and the two young lovers lost their chance forever.… Read More 1.10 – Runaway Bride
1.9 – Spring Thaw - Trabbi the fisherman - Trabbi, who had not once sailed out of Hroaldr's territory; Trabbi who had no ambition outside his fleet of fishermen; Trabbi, who was nearly as old as Stigander, whose chief virtues were loyalty to his Jarl and an established homestead, whose affection for the girl more resembled a fond uncle's than a lover's - was the favored suitor.… Read More 1.9 – Spring Thaw
1.8 – Dance Fight! - Einarr knew those boots very well, in fact. Had watched, in any spare moment she could find, as Astrid stitched them herself from the skins of rabbits she had asked him to catch. … Read More 1.8 – Dance Fight!
1.7 – Feast in the Hall - At the feast that night, every time Einarr attempted to approach Runa, an older man of the Hall deftly slipped between them - holding her chair here, drowning his offer of tafl with a spontaneous verse there, and casting challenging looks at Einarr the entire time.… Read More 1.7 – Feast in the Hall
1.6 – Winter Hunt - For three weeks, Einarr let the question rest despite the way it rode around on his shoulders like a troublesome pet. … Read More 1.6 – Winter Hunt
1.5 – Tafl - Winter fell hard and fast after the funeral. Three days later, the least experienced of the Vidofnings went to help bring in the goats. Three days after that, Kjellings and Vidofnings alike were snowed in.… Read More 1.5 – Tafl
1.4 – Funeral Rites - In four days a spruce graveship was made ready for Astrid's body, lavishly appointed by the Jarl. All that was left was for Stigander to select her grave gifts from the hold of the Vidofnir and they could send her off before the Ice.… Read More 1.4 – Funeral Rites
1.3 – In the Hall of the Sea King - The soothsayers claimed snow was coming, even though they should ordinarily have had another month. Even though it was bright and sunny over the Hall. But it was unwise to go against the soothsayers in matters of weather or fate...… Read More 1.3 – In the Hall of the Sea King
1.2 – Aftermath - The storm sluiced the blood from the deck as the Vidofnir rowed, searching for the edge of it, hoping nothing further happened. … Read More 1.2 – Aftermath
1.1 – A Sudden Squall - It was the end of the last raid before the winter's ice, and yet the sun was bright and the weather warm. The longship Vidofnir skated across the smooth surface of the ocean under sail, the sounds of merriment carrying across the water from its deck.… Read More 1.1 – A Sudden Squall
Book One: Einarr Stigandersen and the Jotünhall - After the Grendel launches a surprise attack on the longship Vidofnir, Captain Stigander takes his crew to winter at the hall of his childhood friend.… Read More Book One: Einarr Stigandersen and the Jotünhall

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